Friday, December 24, 2010

sheesh. i'm writing with my iPod, in bed, 'cause of this fever == i hate being sick

well. these days i'm crazy 'bout reality shows. korean reality shows, like idol army or what-so-ever like that. kkkkk
and yes, i always download the episodes everyday. yes yes yes yes yes. woohoo~

my favorite one *or two? or three?* is Hello Baby (both Soshi's and SHINee's) then Idol Army and and and f(x) Koala. they could make you ROFL-ing practically. haha

btw, it's already the 5th day of my holiday. there's still... like, 9 days more?
but gosh i'm HELLA BORED at home. it's boringboringboringboring. all i can do is sitting in front of my computer, downloading some videos or just lying on my bed with earphones or headphones

even holiday could be this boring ==

oh yes! some days ago della shared a link of a video. a sick and crazy chicken CF video
but i love the chicken dong and chicken-chicken (instead of sorry sorry). i'm laughing like crazy whenever i watch the video, LOL xD

okay, that's all fellas. bye

p.s. if you want to watch the video, here you go:

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