Tuesday, December 21, 2010


character: find out by yourself :)

Mochi is now online

Mochi: Urm, hi?
fxAm: Huh? Hi
Mochi: So... how was your day?
fxAm: Complicated. Thanks for asking
Mochi: Oh, I see

"Just 'Oh, I see'?" she grumbled. But why did she grumbled? Did she expect more action from him?

Mochi: Wait, just asking, when will you come back to Korea?
fxAm: Around this December maybe. Why?

"Why did he ask about that?"

Mochi: Mm, you see, some days ago Vic noona told me to tell you to come back to Korea soon

So, it's just because of that? No specific reason? ... Why does she felt that her heart is aching a little?

fxAm: Well thanks for the information, I'll check my schedule later
Mochi: Great. Can't wait to see you soon

What does he mean? Should she hope he say something to her?

fxAm: Okaaaaaay
Mochi: Umm, actually... I miss you, personally :)

Mochi is now offline

okaaaay,this is random as usual ==