Monday, December 20, 2010

it's just a mid-night-random-posting. don't like, then don't read *well i'm being a bit strict (?) nowadays*
it's still the first day of holiday, but yeah i'm bored. so-very-much bored. all i kept do this day is staring at my computer's monitor, or my phone, or my iPod (that contains nothing)
and guess what? in a holiday like this, i still have to go and do a simulation test for the national exam (okay, i don't really know what's the english word of UNAS) that will be held tomorrow. IT'S HOLIDAY! then it means NO studying! aaaaaargh -____-
anyway, just wanna share, i just joined livejournal some days ago. one i could say: blogger is a lot easier! ._.

that's all for today~

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