Tuesday, December 14, 2010

random writing

before start to write, i want to share this first:

YEAH the second MV. will download immediately. kekekeke


"Where have you been?"
I always be by your side, my angel

"Where are you now?"
I'm here! Urgh. You can't hear me, right?

"Do you think about me? Please do. Because I do."
I do. Always

"Do you know how much I shed my tears for you? Do you know how bad is the pain? Do you know that I keep calling your name before I sleep, just to wish in the next day you'll back for me?"
I know. I've always watch you.

"I hate you. I hate you for making my life miserable, I hate you for made me suffer at the first time you gone, I hate you that much so I couldn't forget about you. I hate you, I hate you."
Do anything but not hate me, chagi. I'm sorry

"This pain is still the same pain, Jinki-ya,"
And it's also the same for me

"You left me alone. You leave without me!"
I don't want to left you alone! I want to be by your side!

"I still remember the last time we go together. Did you remember that?"
I still remember it too. The littlest details

"Could you please back, Jinki-ya? I miss you. Terribly miss you,"
I wish I could, chagi. I wish I could. Bogoshippeo

"I don't want to forget all of our memories, but they said I have to move on. I don't want to!"
Please don't forget about me! About us! About our memories!

"Should I go to the place where you are now?"
If you want to... No! Don't! It's not because I don't love you, but... you still have life to live in!

"I wish you could be by my side now,"
Chagi... I'm here! Can you hear me?

"I'm a fool for wishing like that, no?"
No! You're totally not a fool! I... I...

"If wishing upon a shooting star could do, I'll... I'll do it,"

"But that will NEVER do,"
I wish that will EVER do

"Jeongmal saranghae, Jinki-ya,"
Na do saranghae, chagi. Please wipe your tears away. I hate to see your crying face
She was sitting at the back garden of her house. Lee Jinki which she couldn't see was standing a meter away from her.

"Don't cry, chagiya, please don't..." he whispered. He hugged her from behind and she flinched a bit
"Do you feel my hug?" he moved and faced her, then kissed her lightly.
"Can you feel the kiss?" she touched her lips and tears started welling on her eyes.

"Is that you, Jinki-ya?"
"Yes. It's me, chagi. Don't cry. I'm here,"
"Is that you?"
"It's me! It's your Jinki!"
"Are you here for real?"
"It's for real,"
"But... but... I can't see you. I just can hear your voice,"
"I'm right in front of you,"
"There's nothing..."
"I wish you can see me,"
"I wish I can,"
"Can you see me now?"
"No, I see nothing,"
"Could you feel my hand?"
"Yes. Bogoshippeo Jinki-ya,"
"Na do Bogoshippeoyeo"
"Promise to me you won't leave me again?"
"As long as it's for you, dear my lady, I'll promise,"


okaaaay. is this an angst? or fluff? or what? ahahaha --

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