Saturday, January 1, 2011

say hell-o!

wew. already 2011? time sure walks fast. i felt that yesterday was just the 1st of january 2010... and now it's 2011? WHERE HAVE I BEEN THIS YEAR? WHAT HAVE I DONE?

okaaaay. so let me write something here

IN 2010:
- i'm a 9th grader!
- i didn't study well, just fangirling around -_-
- my mid-2010 is full of... something-like-that. maybe some of you know what i mean *lirik lirik della*
- SHINee went here and I DIDN'T SEE THEM! (okay, this point is so random)
- i spent a lot of money for my fangirling items (but i didn't regret it very much :P)

and so-so-so on (terlalu aib buat ditulis huahahahaha)

- i can do my exam and got a high score
- then... of course, get into a good high-school
- get a netbook (or MacBook *plak)
- or, an iPod nano

maybe that's all *writer block: ON*

what's your 2011 wishes, guys?


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