Sunday, January 9, 2011

written randomly

sometimes i ask my friends to read my blog. they said they've read it, and they could barely understand the posts (or maybe totally not understand). some of them said, "you wrote too much korean things that i don't understand at all. why don't you write something else?"

well, when i write something in my blog i usually do it randomly. you see, just typing some words at first but ended with a super-long-post that maybe, at the ending, has a different topic with the beginning. just like this post

back to the topic. yes, my blog contains too much korean things. in fact it's a camuflage. well it is. a person who isn't interested in that won't read my posts, right? that's why i ALWAYS write things frontally in my fanfiction. and yes again, i posted them here

because i know that my friends (some who aren't interested in KPop things) won't read my fanfic posts, maybe they will if they're bored. but most of them won't read it, so, yeah, i think it's still safe to write it in a fanfic

well let's stop writing, have to do my biology paper now. bye


  1. yah,coba ngepostnya cerita tentang 9b pasti seru :P

  2. udah bagian si fara kalau cerita 9b neeeeng -____-