Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Me and You -- Part 11

Henry's POV
She's leaving? For America? This saturday?
Eotteokhae? What should I do now?
My brain tell me to call her right away, asked her to go here, and... tell her?
The next thing I know is I dialed Amber's number

Amber's POV
I heard my phone's ringtone and picked it up without looking at the caller's name.
"Amber?" I read the caller's name. Henry
"Amber? Are you still there?" asked him
"Are you busy right now?"
"Not really," I glanced at my half-full suitcase. Still have some time to do that. "Why?"
"Umm, just asking, wanna meet?" asked him, stuttering
"Where are you?"
"At our dorm's backyard,"
"Okay, just wait for 5 minutes," I said, and he ended the call. I took my jacket and walked out the dorm
"Vic! I'll go for a while!" and with that, I closed the door

Henry's POV
It's already 5 minutes but she hasn't come. And I'm freezing on this cement bench -____-
Well, that's my fault to only wear a jeans jacket and asked someone to meet at this weather outside a building
At least they have heater there

Suddenly, my phone rang anmd I took it immediately
"Ya! Henry, where are you?"
"Still at the place I mentioned before,"
"Aren't you freezing? It's really cold outside. I'm already at the apartment, still walking to the backyard,"
"Well, if you aren't coming in 5 minutes more, you'll find a Mr. Snowman here,"
"Sheesh, for your information Mr. Lau, I've been at the backyard terrace," and I turned to see her, with one of her hands on her waist

"Still want to talk by phone?" I asked
"Yes! So I don't have to go there. It's warmer here,"
"Ya! Come here!" I yelled. She laughed and walked to me. Then she stared at me and sighed
"Aigoo! How can you tell me that you're not freezing? See! Your hair is full of snow, babo!" she pointed at my head. "And how could you go outside with just this thin jacket? I bet your hand is very cold, stupid!" said her as she sat beside me

"Stop nagging at me," I rolled my eyes. "The more important thing is, is that true that you're going to America this Saturday?"
I stared at her who was busy kicking snows over
"From who did you hear those things?" she asked
"My hyungs, your eonni told them," I sighed. Okay, do that now, Henry!
"So, yeah, it's true. And did you call me here just to ask that, Mr. Lau?"
"Anni, just wait and see," I said, with my phone on my hand. "Just wait, and see,"


  1. aku tau endingnya *biasaorangpinteremanggampangnebaknya*

  2. ya mau gimana aku kalau bikin fluff males nambah konflik dan bikin yang rumit rumit -_-