Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Me and You -- Part 10

@ f(x)'s Dorm
"Guys, I have some news for you," said Amber when all f(x) members were gathering in the TV room
"What's it?" asked Vic
"I... will go to the States..."
"BWOH?" the 4 of them yelled and gaped at Amber with a you-must-be-kidding face

"Why? How? WHEN?!" asked Luna, almost screaming
"For the treatment of my legs, erm, it'a next Saturday,"
"And HOW LONG will it be?"
"Whoa, calm guys! Maybe I'll be there for more than 6 months. This one is a serious injury," Amber sighed
"Noooo way! Eonni! Don't go!" Sulli and Krystal pleaded. Amber gave them a faint smile and shook her head
"Or else I won't be able to dance with you forever," said her. "Okaaaay, I'll start to pack my things now. Later on, girls!"

As Amber headed to her bedroom, the other members glanced at each other
"Eonniiiii, eotteokhaeyo?" Luna whispered
"Better tell the boys, eonni,"
"Okay," Victoria took her phone from the table and started to call Leeteuk
"Wait, what do I have to tell to them?" asked Victoria blankly
"Eonni ya! Amber's leaving for America!"

@ SJ's Dorm
"Hyung! Your phone!" Sungmin shouted
"Pick it! Pick it!" Leeteuk yelled from the bathroom. Sungmin picked the call
"Yoboseyeo?" said him. "He's, erm, with his business right now. So, what is it?"
A minute later, Sungmin's expression had changed

"Err, okay, I'll tell him. Okay, okaaaayyy. Annyeong," and he ended the conversation
"Who's that?" asked Leeteuk, still drying his hand with a tissue
"I think we have to change our plan,"
"But why?"
"Just call the members except Henry, hyung,"
"Who's the leader here? Go call them!" Leeteuk pushed Sungmin out from the room

Amber's POV
Do I have to go? The doctors said that I must go and have a treatment there
But, but, BUT!
Leave my friends here is hard, and...
Gosh. What about him? What about Henry?
Well. Think about that later. I still have these things to be packed

Henry's POV
Where are they? Where are my hyungs?
Now I'm in the dorm, all alone again.
Just where in the world are they?
Well, let's check the other dorm...

Author's POV
@ SJ's Dorm
"SHE'S GOING TO GO?" Leeteuk screeched.
"Ssh, calm, hyung!" Shindong pulled the leader's arm. "I thought you've know about it!"

"Sungmin hyung, is that true?" asked Kyuhyun, a bit interested
"Yes, Victoria said that she's going to America this Saturday..."
"Who's going to America?" asked someone.
"Ya! I have mentioned it before! It's Amber -- wait, who's there?"
"Is that Henry?"

Then the door was banged. What all of them knew is that Henry had left the dorm
" A BIG, FAT, UGLY NO!" Heechul screamed and successfully made the other members stared at him in disgust -_-
"Where'd he go?"
"Maybe f(x)'s dorm?"
"I'm not sure," said Siwon. "I'll try to find him,"
"No, don't," Leeteuk pulled the tallest man. "We should let him have a time for himself,"
The other members nodded

"How could you be so wise, hyung?" asked Eunhyuk. Leeteuk shot him with a death-glare and hit the anchovy's head with his fist

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