Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tears, Heartbreak, Us

Title: Tears, Heartbreak, Us
Character: 2min, slightly OnJongKey
Genre: romance, angst
Rate: General, PG-13

I was looking down at the street, down to my home
When I heard your voice then I turned my head
I saw you, with other boy, shorter than you
I noticed that it was one of our hyungs
I walked and started to run away, trying to hide my tears
After what I saw, still... I still feel the same
My eyes were stinging when I came home, rushed to my room and banged the door
Leaving Onew-hyung and Jjong-hyung staring at me, puzzled
Then I threw my body to my bed and buried my face to my pillow then cried there.
What I could do now was cursing and wiping my tears away
The pain is still the same pain
When I first saw you and him, walking together
Smiled at each other which I thought your smile has to be for me, not for him
When I saw you alone, I decided to confess to you
But should I do that?
I was too busy with my mind then I saw him hugging you from behind
I wiped my tears again
I've thought to give up, giving you to him
To keep this feeling deep inside me, inside my heart
Or, maybe, try to forget you
Forget those pains, those moments, those feelings
Letting those flown away with my tears

*inspired from: Quasimodo by SHINee*

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