Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just Me and You - part 5

Author's POV

Finally after finished eating and chatting for a while, they headed home. Of course after Henry paid all the bills.

And he thought of taking this time as his chance... again. To remember that his first chance was ruined by the waiter.

After walked for a while, when they walked on a quiet road, he stopped.

"Why did you stop?" asked Amber, turned to face Henry.

"Well, there's something that I have to tell you," said Henry, a bit nervous. "It was from... when the waiter cut it off,"

"Then, I'm listening now,"

"Amber-ah, sa, sara..."

But suddenly Henry's phone rang.

HELLA NOOOO. GETTING CUT AGAIN? He thought then quickly answered the call.

"Yoboseyeo?" said him.

"Yah you Henry Lau! It's already late! Come back to the dorm!!!" someone yelled from the end of the phone. Obviously Leeteuk.

"Hey, it's still 8.30 p.m!" he yelled back.

"Aish. Time to head home kiddo. If I not see your face in ten more minutes, you'll get a punishment," and the line gone dead.

"So... what did you want to tell me?" asked Amber quietly.

"Nothing. I'll tell you later," said him. The mood had totally ruined, thanks to the ahjusshi.

Amber shrugged her shoulders before walked behind Henry.

Amber's POV

He sent me to my dorm. Sweet enough right?

"Okay, I think I have to go now. See you tomorrow," said him, waving his hand to me. I waved back and stood still at the place.

"Why don't you get in?" asked him, tilting his head to a side.

"Huh? Ah, ne!" I turned back, blushed. Walked off to the dorm and opened the door.

When I glanced back, I saw him, still standing at his place, waiting for me to get into my dorm.

After got into the lift, I sighed and stared at my hand.

The one that was being held by him.

Henry's POV

Okay, so this date is totally a mess.

First the waiter, and then one of my hyung? Let's blame the second one since I didn't know the waiter at all.

"I'm homeee," I said in front of the dorm's door.

"Finally you're home," said someone who opened the door. Sungmin-hyung.

"We've waiting for you for a long time," other voice came out. Wookie-hyung.

"So how was the date?"

"Did you confess to her?"

"How was it?"

"Was the food delicious?" -- wait, that must be Shindong-hyung.

Neither of that, hyungs, I just want to knock your heads one to another.

For messing my last chance.

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