Thursday, November 18, 2010

mmm... maybe random?

ok. i got this from della's blog here

did it just i'm bored before make a post of my school's activity (baca: bakar bakaran) so check it out (if you want)

Favourite boy group?
SHINee, Super Junior, Big Bang

Favourite girl group?
SNSD, 2NE1, f(x)

Favourite idol group overall?
mm... maybe SHINee? (yeah i'm into SHINee right now, sorry ELF ._.)

Other groups you love?
4minute? then Brown Eyed Girls haha

Rank your favourites from each of your stated groups above?
SHINee: Taemin
Super Junior: Yesung
Big Bang: Daeseung
SNSD: Sooyoung
2NE1: well... Minzy?
f(x): Amber

Favourite pairings from each of your stated groups?
SHINee: 2min
Super Junior: Eunhae
Big Bang: ... don't know ._.V
SNSD: yoonyul haha
2NE1: ... gaaaaaaaah
f(x): Amber-Sulli

Favourite idol group pairings?
f(SHINee) does to me, umm I ship MinZy (Minho-Suzy) and TaeSul (Taemin-Sulli)

Favourite solo female singer?
just know BoA, so i think it's her.

Favourite solo male singer?

Favourite idol overall?
lee taemin!

Favourite songs right now?
Electric Heart - SHINee, and Insomnia - Ryeowook (in SS2)

Favourite fanclub?
shawol and elf 

Favourite entertainment company?
SM, but i think i'll change to YG if they (sigh) keep torturing (?) their artists with packed shows

Loved a group you’re not into anymore?

First kpop song ever?
Super Junior - sorry sorry

First kpop music video ever?
Sorry Sorry

First kpop love (group/solo)?
Super Junior

First variety show (and with who)?
Hello Baby - SHINee (HAHA i'm so late)

Group you could never get into no matter how much you tried.

Any dance you can do (from a MV etc) or want to learn?
nothing but i want to learn all of them

Any songs you memorized the lyrics to?

Hottest male in the industry to you?
... minho (haha sorry taemin)

Prettiest female in the industry to you?

A person you want to be like/admire the most?
urm... taeyeon?

A song you must/always/usually listen to EVERY day?

Your favorite music video?
It's You, No Other by Super Junior, all of SHINee's MV, Haru-Haru by Big Bang, It Hurts by 2NE1, lachata by f(x), Gee-Korean by SNSD

Any of your friends into kpop and who?
Some of them

Have any KPop merchandise?
i have 4 albums 

Which group can you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your time into Kpop?
maybe SHINee and Super Junior, as long as they're not disband (and i hope they won't)

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