Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Me and You - Part 8

Brainstuck .____.

Author's POV
SM's Building, a practice room

"Meet us after lunch, okay?"

"Ne, oppa. At the back garden right?"

"Yes. Bring all of your girls, except the target,"

"I see. What else?"

"That's all. We will wait for you. Annyeong,"

"Annyeong oppa,"

Henry's POV

What happened to my hyungs? They suddenly disappeared from the practice room!

Manager hyung asked me to call all of them at the practice room to meet him. When I arrived there, the room was empty. No one is there

I've tried to call they one by one, but nobody answered it

God. What will manager hyung say?

Author's POV
SM Building, the Back Garden

"Sorry, we're late,"


"So what will we do now?" asked one of the girls

"Yeah hyung, what will we do?" asked the innocent-looking boy

"We're here to hold a meeting..."

"Meeting sounds too formal, hyung,"

"Then what else?"

"Could you please stop? We need to finish this quickly. The lunch break had finished!"

"Calm down Vic. Teuk, she's right,"

"Okaaaaaaay. So shall we start now?"

Ask-and-answer time

"Did something happen last night? After she came home?" asked Donghae

"Well, we forced her to tell us what happened but..." Krystal was cut by Sulli

"She just told us the general things, so we thought that something else happened,"

"Then when we asked her again, she was, like, angry? She went to her room and locked the door,"

"This morning, her mood seemed better. We could smell something fishy," and the two of them ended their explanation

"Maknaes, you're really good at spying," said Luna, rolled her eyes. The two maknae grinned at each other

"And how about him?"

"The same as your story, but in the end he slammed the door," said Eunhyuk quickly

"In angriness?"

"Yeah. Before he went to the room he yelled at us,"

"Huh? Henry? Yelled at you?"

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