Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Me and You - Part 7

Author's POV

Super Junior's Dorm

"Is he angry?"

"He slammed the door! He MUST be angry!"

"Okay, okay. Chill down guys," said Leeteuk with a serious face.

"Hyung, what will we do now?" asked the eternal maknae with a worried face.

"What I could say is, maybe something went wrong at their date..." said Kyuhyun without glanced out from his PSP.

"He burst out when we asked him about the confession..." Donghae tried to remember the whole thing.

"MWO? Confession?"

"Did she reject him?" and they glanced at each other.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?" they screamed in unison.

f(x)'s Dorm

"Nothing, nothing, nothing," said Amber with her straight face.

"EH? IS IT?"

"Is that all?"

"Come on, unnie..."

"Yah! Amber! Tell us!"

"NO.THING. I'll go to bed now," said her. She walked to her room and closed the door, leaving all her dongsaengs and Vic stared at her.

Henry's POV

I'm gonna cry now...

Amber's POV

After closed the door, I sighed, puzzled out.

What did he want to say?

I reached my phone then dialed his number. At least I should thank him, no?

Henry's POV


Hey, wait. This ringtone...

Hello, hello. Nareumdaero yeonggil naesseoyeo

And that must be...


Amber's POV

Please pick up the phone, pick up the phone...


That's him. YEAH THAT'S HIM. I gulped before talked again.


"Umm, yeah?"


"Mm, I just want to... to... to thank you for the dinner,"

I could hear he chuckled.

"I'm the one who should thank you," said him, and I blushed.

What did he mean?

Henry's POV
"I'm the one who should thank you," I said

Huh? What did I say?

"... the one who should thank you,"

Pabo. Henry, you're the biggest idiot in the world

Author's POV

"What did you mean?" asked Amber "Henry?"

"Eh? Forget it,"


"Ssh, could you please don't mind it?

"Gee, okay,"

Then an awkward silence again

"It's already late, right?" asked Amber, tried to break the awkwardness

"Nope. It's just 9.30 pm," said Henry

"Okay, I'll end this call,"

"Huh? Wae? Ani! Wait!" Henry almost yelled at her

"Now what?" asked her, yawned.

"Urm? Ah, uh, mm..."

"I'll hang the phone now. I'm sleepy," said her, yawning again

"Are you trying to avoid me?"

"Of course not! See, I'm just sleepy right now,"

"The one who have to be sleepy is me, not you,"

"You know that women need more sleep than men right?"

"So what?"

"Then could you pleaaaaase?"

"Okay, okay," he chuckled. "Good night,"

Then they pressed the end button in the exactly same time

chapter 7 - done! hehe xD

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