Tuesday, March 22, 2011

this is one (random) thing that i made some times ago... (nggak tau pas itu kesurupan apaan nyampe bisa bikin ginian) and (un)fortunately THEA nyuruh ini dimasukin ke buktah, nggak tau deh jadi apa kagak. so here goes...

Years of Us
(oke. ini cuma ketambahan 's' dari judul lagunya SHINee yang Y.O.U... tapi saya gak plagiat. suer)

One, two, three
Stop the count and let’s see
We’ve gone through these 3 years of us
“Do you know this boy?”, “Do you know this girl?”
I bet you’ll say “I know,”, ‘ cause we’ve been together for almost 3 years

We shared our memories
We exchanged our stories
We have one, two, three great years as one family
How many days are that?
Hundreds? I never count it before
Because what do I know is that I have spent much time with all of you

Now, when our time has come
When we have to bid our farewell
Let me tell you, just this one, simple thing
To not forget about out memories
To keep the tight friendship between us
‘cause the 3 years of us will last forever, hopefully, in our mind

gak bentuk abis =______= atau emang saya yang kagak ngarti? ah sebodo ==

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