Friday, March 25, 2011

deep sigh

when they said that i'm pretending like i don't care,
actually i do pretending
i'm having some troubles with my mind,
and maybe this one problem will never --yes, never-- be fixed out

i'm acting like i'm okay, but i AM NOT okay
it's just that i don't wanna make them worried
(but who cares about me?)
or maybe make the 'oh-this-person-is-so-annoying' face

i said that i've used to the situation, but actually it isn't
i'm having my hard time by myself and have nobody to share it with
(but who wants to have someone else's hard times?)
i tried to be the usual me, but just failed and failed again

and i'm getting confused in each seconds | i've tried to escape but failed | i've tried to stop it but it always runs away | and i only could handle a little --yes, a little- of this heart-breaking situation, that kills me slowly


  1. THIS.
    i bet all of us think this way, you know?
    cause nobody has ever taste the same exact feeling with us.
    they said they've been through this and that and said 'i know your feeling.' but no one does.well. i guess we're just have to face it.

  2. exactly, yes. Everyone do think like this... Yes, they do... *mental-repeating
    But sometimes face the truth makes your feeling getting worse and worse (actually it does on me)
    Anyway... I lost the sentences i've prepared before --"

  3. *mikir
    ngomongke opo to iki??? =..="

  4. i have the same feeling like you do!
    *eh bener gak tuh