Saturday, September 1, 2012


ah, well. hello, september.
unexpectedly, it's you.
unexpectedly, we met again.
unexpectedly, time flashes like a blink of eye, too fast to be caught by my senses.

and also, unexpectedly, next month is october.

means what?

being a third-grader, some people said, means you have to study harder. to pray harder. to wish to God that it'll be our year next year, ours... when our wishes come true.

Me? What do I want?
To pass the exam?
To get into the university --and the faculty-- I want the most?

The first thing seemed like it's not a really big deal compared to the second one... and the sub-second one. IYKWIM.

get a scholarship - SNU - architecture. wish me luck!

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