Saturday, October 1, 2011

hello october, and also hello end-of-my-first-semester

YEAH. this is october, everyoneeee!!!! happy new month!

it's saturday. and it's the first day of some schools' regular mid-term exam. i didn't have one today and the following days, but yeah i'll have the end-of-semester exam in the next two weeks --or you could say, starting from the 10th of october 'till the 17th of October. cool rite? *faints

anyway, for all of my friends who's going to have their exams, GOOD LUCK!!!! hope the best for all of you! :D


P.S. right now it's SNSD! oh i mean, right now i'm being a bit crazy over BEG's Sixth Sense. just can't get Narsha's voice out of my mind for real-_- anyway, for those who have any other song suggestion, could you tell me please? ;)

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