Monday, August 22, 2011

hello world, this is a report

so, hello.
been a while since my last post, rite? well, not really a while --it's a week ago, if i'm not mistaken.


nowadays i'm feeling what do you call a-busy-high-school-ers life. not that busy, but to me (who is used to be a laid-back person back then on my JHS times) it's SUPER-BUSY.
homeworks, exams (logarithms! and also sociology -_-), acceleration programs' regular event (syawalan, and about the preparation... it's not done yet -_-) also some other extra-curricular tasks.
yeah, this is what life means ._. i think. drowned inside business and have no time to taking care of other things. holidays are exception, anyway.
knowing this, i think it would be a rare chance to catch me up here, since i tend to write my fics than updating my posts more. so i'm into wordpress now, sorry :p

well, catch ya later. bye!

P.S. still feeling unsatisfied about the magazine extra-curricular. didn't pass the tests -_-

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