Monday, February 28, 2011

so... a small announcement?

so today i've made up my mind (buset bahasanya). maybe in some near times i'll go hiatus from this blog. considering that my final exam is coming nearer (and after take a look at my pre-exam test score that, geez, sucks), and i have to prepare for it so, yes, BLAH. maybe just in a short 1-2-3 months and i'll be back to the line, with a new netbook (AMIN AMIN AMIN). oh and maybe with a bunch of brand new fanfics. *sniff* and it's going to be the same with my livejournal account =____=


anyway, i've got an IT task that have to be done: make a blog. since i've had this blog, maybe i'll just add some useful (?) topics (sakjane juga gak useful-useful banget lah). so anybody have any idea for those topics? TELL MEEEEHHHH <-- desperately desperate NOPE. I've made one new blog for this task, feel free to visit it here

AND YES, CHECK THIS OUT! i (literally) ROFL-ing when watched this. at first my 'lil bro and sis told me to download this video for them, so yes i downloaded it. this is SM*SH's song's parody LOL LOL LOL  (fyi i don't like them but i don't hate them either, since i like k-pop more than indonesian pop. and this one's just for fun~)

okay. so i think that's all, just a small (dan gak penting) announcement. bye fellas~

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