Sunday, September 19, 2010

oh - my - god

yeaaaaah. it's sunday, and tomorrow is... MONDAY! say 'hi' to school and 'bye' to midnight tweeting, asianfanfics, writing ff, wi-fi, laptop...

i think that's enough. okay.

so now i'm working (err, doing) my homeworks. our teacher gave us a bunch of homeworks... and i don't think i could make it in a day. huh.

anywaaaaay (let's move to other topic!) tomorrow we will do 'syawalan' or 'halal bihalal'. it's like, um... after eid fitri, we have to say sorry to and forgive other person right? so, tomorrow, we will say sorry and shake our hands to everyone in our school.

and i always think, maybe it will be great if the background song is sorry, sorry from super junior.

then, recently, i found some of super junior's pets' twitter (of course, FAKE twitter) i followed them all, and it's exciting to saw them in timeline, and chatting with them. i'm addicted in twitter. i know it.

time to stop blogging... for a while. it's my random update as usual, nothing special.

bye bloggers!

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