Friday, July 15, 2011

just an opinion

1. you're a fan, but a fan isn't supposed to bash another idol who's close to your bias. who are you to him/her (your bias)?

2. it's OK to dislike another group, but could you please, keep your own hatred to yourself OR just say it when you're with your antis friends. don't say it on public places (ex twitter etc). even if you didn't intend to make fanwars, sometimes reading those so-like-tweets will make the-group-who-you-hate's fans get angry and they'll start a fanwar with your name mentioned as the provocateur.
but it's your private life anyway, i just don't like someone who over-bashes another group.

3. for some OTP-antis, could you please let the shippers have their own world and don't disturb them? it's annoying when you said something or joking about a pairing, and then someone else said negative comment about it. it's OK if it's only joking, but if you take it seriously i think some people outta there will bite you.

4. anyway, love life and professional life are two complete different worlds. idols are also humans and they also got the right to manage their own personal life

it's just an opinion, anyway.

the truth is...

I MISS THEM. not everyone, but... yes, some of them. it's not i'm uncomfortable with my new friends (well, sometimes, yes), but still, they're still my NEW friends and they don't know about me like my old school friends.
well, maybe i need some time to get used to the new atmosphere...



Sunday, July 10, 2011


i just can't say no to minstal anyway :3 see them being cute together always makes me say 'aaaawwwww' and sumthin' like that :D

Monday, July 4, 2011

holiday project

and this is my first (-_-) holiday project, a... err, just see by yourself:

P.S. that thing with white-like color is a banana, anyway =_=